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my pigs fly
Julie Parenteau owner of my pigs fly design

In response to someone's rant about a dream of theirs, a New Englander would often respond with, "Yeah right, when pigs fly!" I'm not a dreamer, but I tend to see the opportunity and adventure in life so this statement was always too pessimistic for me. But, before writing off the cliché, I would paint a mental picture of a pig flying through the air — I love this image. It became natural to see a pig actually flying because I had replayed this in my head so many times.

When I considered the phrase for a business name I knew I was on to something. But "when pigs fly design" still had that undesirable pessimistic undertone. After fiddling with the words I came up with "my pigs fly design." Click. The name immediately resonated with me. It's exactly the change of words I was looking for to achieve my desired change of meaning.

I love words. I love their power and acuity. I love how a simple two-letter word can entirely change the meaning of a sentence and clarify the point being made — it's like magic. The essence of these particular words, my pigs fly, is synonymous to my beliefs about life: anything is possible.

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